"Happiness is knowing there is a dessert waiting for you."

Whisked from Boredom to Bliss: The Homemade with Joy Journey

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Picture this: lockdown hits Dubai, and Homemade with Joy swoops in to save the day! It started as my way to beat the boredom, but oh boy, did it do more. It whisked me away from the brink of crazy, firing up my mojo like never before. And now? Now it's not just desserts – it's a time machine to those oh-so-delicious flavors of home. Crazy how life whips up sweetness, right?

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Serving Dreams on a Dessert Platter: Spreading Joy

And guess what? It's not just about desserts – it's about dreams. Yep, those wild, audacious dreams that seemed too far out of reach. See, Homemade with Joy taught me that if you can whip up a recipe, you can mix up life's ingredients too. It's about taking concepts, swirling them with creativity, and serving them up on a platter of delicious reality. My passion for Food & Beverage found its perfect playground here, where every bite isn't just a taste, but a piece of my heart, crafted to spread joy. What gets my soul stirring? It's those smiles, those wide-eyed 'yum' moments, the instant when taste buds throw a party. The sheer joy of turning someone's day around with a single bite – that's what feeds my own soul. Bringing a whiff of home to Dubai's diverse folks? That's my mission, and every dessert I create is a one-way ticket down memory lane. So here's to sweet beginnings, to dreams baking in the oven of reality, and to you – fellow dessert dreamer and joy seeker. Let's keep savoring the flavors of happiness, one treat at a time!

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Introducing Bakepreneurs

Meet the dynamic duo: a match made in dessert heaven. Bahaa, with an MBA-packed brain, and me with a whisk and marketing mojo. We sprinkled our skills, mixed dreams, and voilà! Homemade with Joy came to life, serving up not just desserts, but pure happiness. A dynamic blend of smarts and sweetness, just for you.


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